Hello, I'm Leli!

I’m a Python enthusiast (Django website here!) interested in using data science, machine learning, and AI to solve real world problems. My current work is in synthetic biology - using high-throughput data and information-theoretic models to improve designs under uncertainty.

I am a graduate student in the Klavins Lab at the University of Washington. When I joined, I became a co-inventor and founding member of a laboratory automation project called Aquarium - which today is the UW Biofabrication Center (UWBIOFAB). As a part of lab automation, I developed a vision-based application to track wetlab objects and protocol execution.

After Aquarium, my interest in automating genetic circuit design led to an AI project called Beluga. Recently, I’ve started building data-driven, predictive models (on the side) for synthetic promoter and protein design. Check out my Research and Projects pages to learn more!


PhDc EE: University of Washington,

MS ECE: Univeristy of Texas, Austin
        BS ECE: University of Texas, Austin


Component Design Engineer - Atom
        Products Division (Verilog/C)

Software Development - Video Research
         Lab (C++)

Embedded Systems - Digital Cinema Team           (C++)

Software Development - Cardiology Lab (C)